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Guardians of the Zodiac Introduction</h2
Guardians of the Zodiac: Otome Romance Game – entertaining visual novel for android devices. Incredible plot An interesting visual novel with a non-linear plot, colorful characters, a unique story and freedom of decision-making. Here you will take control of the main character, who will find herself at the epicenter of mysterious events. At the very beginning of the game, she will find an ancient scroll in the college library, which will be directly related to the zodiac. Before the girl had time to unfold it, the scroll disappeared from her hands, and also three guardians of the zodiac appeared next to her. Several endings of the story Later you will learn that unfriendly people decided to use the power of the scroll and now you , in the company of charming guardians of the zodiac, you will have to try to maintain the balance of the universe. The keepers of the zodiac cannot get along with each other, can you befriend the guys and find true love? Guardians of the Zodiac: Otome Romance Game will delight you with a stunning atmosphere, a twisted plot, beautiful visual style and the opportunity to open all the intriguing endings of the story. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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