Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Have you ever been curious about what the interior of headphones looks like? What about using a camera or your smartphone instead? We have no doubt that you are unaware of this! Find out how the device operates and what components are required to put it together. You may make it right in front of your eyes by tapping the screen and seeing the process unfold. You will construct your first device piece by piece. Good luck! Unlock a variety of useful tools and devices. Everything from headphones to smartphones and cameras, plus a lot more! Even a microwave and several different types of robots!


  • You can make money even while you aren’t playing the game! You can still make a lot of money even when you are not online. Oh, that makes the upgrade process so much simpler!
  • You can increase the amount of money you earn by utilizing boosters and other power-ups. The very best players will be able to complete all of their devices to the maximum possible level.
  • Do you plan to create a new smartphone in addition to the headphones that go with it? What about a drone for this job? Let’s create the most cutting-edge technology, shall we?
  • Tap the screen and upgrade any built-in components on your device. You can handle any challenging task!

Download Idle Gadgets v2.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, No ADS)

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