Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Evil Hunter Tycoon — rebuild a destroyed city and hire fearless hunters to fight monsters. Here you are required to revive the city until it becomes a worthy element of defense against the forces of evil. In this management simulator, you will indirectly protect your residents by making weapons and items, as well as building buildings that will help the heroes of this settlement. Our first steps in Evil Hunter Tycoon will begin with training that will give us an understanding of everything we can do in the game: build buildings, create weapons, send people to search for certain items, as well as make them yourself, get rewards for killing a certain number of enemies, and much more. However, in Evil Hunter Tycoon, you will not be able to control your hunters directly, but you will watch them fight monsters and go on special quests in the dungeons. Choose a team of five hunters to defeat hordes of enemies until they reach the final boss. If they manage to defeat it, you will get great rewards that you can use to improve the city. Evil Hunter Tycoon is a fantastic management strategy that has limitless features and excellent pixel graphics.

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