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Name Apart of Me
Category Casual
Size 269.7MB
Popularity 3743
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 05/01/2021
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Apart of Me

Apart of Me Game Introduction :

Apt of me is a very touching plot adventure game.

Won many awards such as the 2018 World\’s best young people\’s emotional concern award. The picture production of the game is beautiful and fresh, and the color is bright, building a moving game world. The plot story focuses on the topic of death and departure that relatives have to face, tells the adventure story of a little boy, and gains real love and warmth from it!

The overall production of the game focuses on the expression of the plot story. It is a very touching plot game!


Accept – catch the buzzing fireflies on the island and check in. Learn how to accept different feelings

Peace – stroll by the rock pool, where you can become a kind breath master

Wisdom – pick up the bottle washed at sea and find the wisdom of loss and love from all over the world

Connect – help Foshan, Flori and benku, who will bring people you really know and feel to the loss and love story in the cave

What are people talking about

\”Besides me, it is also the first interactive tool to use game technology to transform best treatment techniques and practices into a safe virtual space.\”

-ITV News


-Winner: 2018 Technology Award 2018 best youth focused emotional support hosted by global health and pharmaceutical companies

-Finalist: Pfizer Medical Center award

-Finalist: 2018 tech4good Award


Recently seen in BBC breakfast, ITN and channel 5 news.

Selected into the top ten science and technology projects expected by the guardian in 2018

About bounce works

Bounce works is a social enterprise whose mission is to overturn the increasingly serious crisis of young people\’s mental health by creating attractive and effective digital products and services.

We did it except me because we wanted to help young people through difficult times.

My terms and conditions of apart

The purpose is to support family members or friends with terminal diseases, or children and young people who have died of family members or friends. It is not intended to replace the independent professional advice of qualified counselors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners. If you feel you need more support, some people can help you, so please talk to someone you trust or seek professional guidance.

In the future, we may collect some data from users to help study the effectiveness of game functions and treatment technologies. Don\’t worry, we will ask for your consent before collecting anything recognizable. You are welcome to refuse at any time.

Part of my design is for people over 11 years old

Apart of Me Game screenshot :

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me (269.7MB)

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