Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

If you are bored with your current love, you can immediately search for interesting true love in the Love Choice Story Otome game right now. This game gives you unique emotions in love. You are one of the luckiest people when it comes to choosing decisions for your love story. Not stopping there, players can also make decisions regarding their unique clothes and hairstyles. It is the trump card that helps your beauty to be significantly promoted.


We bring you a charming main character for those who don’t know. She is just a straightforward bookstore character, but unexpectedly, one time she went to a pub, she fell in love with another guy. However, your love life here is not simply two people falling in love and getting married. This game gives you weird situations when that guy is married to another wealthy president with a complicated love contract.


Faced with that situation, what do you need to do to keep that guy by your side when the desire to go next to him has taken over your heart. Players can choose beautiful, eye-catching clothes further to enhance the hidden beauty of the main character. However, those costumes also need to be suitable for the context, and otherwise, you will be in big trouble. Not stopping there, you can also combine and create unique hairstyles to support your outfit more luxuriously and prominently.


Finally, a suggestion we give you is that every decision or action you take will be determined by the previous reciprocal actions of the other party. In addition, you can also learn more foreign languages with the unique subtitle feature. This feature is not available in all games. With it, you can easily enjoy both different languages while playing. Besides, you can also develop closer relationships.


  • Indulge in moments of love, jealousy, and confrontation with his handsome lover’s fake wife.
  • Decorate yourself with the best look to seduce your lover with a diverse collection of military uniforms to unique hair.
  • Perform creative, kind acts to conquer even the most difficult people to develop relationships with.
  • Enjoy a diverse creative graphics system with creative characters and backgrounds, and it becomes your inspiration.
  • The feature of freely choosing as well as changing the avatar of the unique costume creates little joy.

Download Love Choice Story Otome v1.1.16 MOD APK (Premium Choices, Diamonds)

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