Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

Jurassic World Primal Ops will be a game that can give its users a classic yet highly dynamic game experience. If you are a lover of adventure games, this will definitely be a game that you should not miss. With this game, the player will be brought back to the past time, where the dinosaurs still exist to carry out their mission in the present time.


Have you ever wished that you would live in the most prosperous period of the Jurassic World with the appearance of giant dinosaurs? If those are really your unique thoughts, then Jurassic World Primal Ops will definitely be the place that can bring your dreams into reality very quickly. But the game makers have opened up for their players a completely new story about the dinosaurs that have been resurrected instead of humans going back to the past.

With the development of a highly fictional story created, the game also knows how to bring its players into the story. And you will start your game as an elite dinosaur trained in combat. To be able to protect the dinosaurs from attacks and many other events that make them extinct, you will be the only one who can. Use all your skills and abilities to save the survival and development of a special species against evil mercenaries, formidable poachers, and malignant scientists.


If you are a person who can empathize and understand the feelings and thoughts of dinosaurs, the evil organizations do not think so. All of them have a simple desire to destroy the dinosaurs so that they can bring them back and perform jobs for personal gain. With a lot of different tricks created, you will be the one who needs to be alert to be able to fight, protect and rescue these poor animals.


But it would be best if you also remembered that you would not be alone in your most intense battle, but the dinosaurs will also be trusted teammates. With so many different dinosaurs that you have rescued will be able to help you turn the situation around at any time in the most difficult moments. Build yourself a strong, long-lasting relationship with various dinosaurs and overcome any challenges that lie ahead.

Different dinosaur species existed in the Jurassic World, and now they are completely extinct with different sets of fossils. But with Jurassic World Primal Ops, you will be able to completely turn the tide by protecting the revival and survival of dinosaurs in the modern era. Many evil organizations are planning to destroy the dinosaurs with the goal of redemption; you will be the one who can fight and protect these dinosaurs.


  • Expand Jurassic Environment’s tale with a new adventure including friends, villains, and a vast primitive world.
  • Many want to preserve dinosaurs’ endangered even if they’re no longer extinct. You must infiltrate enemy camps, gather information, and rescue wild, captive, or injured dinosaurs.
  • Every rescued dinosaur will join your collection as an ally. You may gather hundreds of dinosaurs, each having distinct skills.
  • A T.rex evens the odds. Use the diverse talents of your dinosaur buddies, from stomping Triceratops to supply-dropping Pteranodons, to conquer problems in warfare.
  • Explore North America for dinosaur eggs, DNA, and other treasures. Use these treasures to improve your dinosaur buddies and unlock new skills.

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