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If you are a lover of challenging games and want to develop your mind, Detective S is a detective game that requires high deduction, providing what you want. This game does not need to use intense moving images like other games, but just a lively detective story with simple gameplay can attract players. You have to deal with situations and challenges intelligently and link them together to create unity.

Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences


When the murder happens, we need to find the killer if he has escaped. And in Detective S, you will be detective S tasked with solving these cases. You will embark on lengthy investigations with many suspicious points. At the beginning of the game, you suddenly receive a letter, and the content mentions that if the killer is not found, she will be punished.

Faced with this situation, she couldn’t just stand by and watch but had to be determined to avenge her father. You will help her find the real culprit based on clues and conflicting details. Accompanying you are two close friends; they are effective assistants for you in the investigation process. These two best friends will have the task of collecting small clues and bringing them to you, from which you will solve the case and come to an official conclusion. Bring the culprit to justice and punish him.

Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences


Usually, murders happen in densely populated areas, so you can look to the people around you to gather information. During the investigation, you will meet a lot of different people, and all of them live very close to the victim. They will give testimony to help you find some clues. However, there will be some contradictory and unreasonable testimonies provided by the interlocutors. So you have to be careful and do something to force them to tell the truth that they know.

Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences


  • The female detective will be provided with many unique costume options for you to change your appearance, be it a commander, housewife, director, or bride, or you can freely create the main character. Yours becomes more stylish.
  • Hundreds of challenges are waiting for you to closely observe the scene and find the unusual points to solve; the challenges will be increasingly difficult and complex, so you need to try.
  • The gameplay is simple: you need to collect enough evidence, take testimonies from the people, and analyze the incident to draw a final reasonable conclusion and bring the perpetrator to justice.
  • Cute and sharp cartoon graphics, details, and rhythmic moving images bring you incredible experiences and challenges and help you feel the sophistication in the cases.
  • Exciting story with fascinating events shown in each chapter, and you will play as the progress of the case appears in each chapter, the facts of the case will surprise you and make the story alive and more active.

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