Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

Super Sus is the next level of the Among Us game. The finest free mobile game to socialize with local friends and people from around the world gives you a unique experience as space crews battle to keep the spaceship from crashing, whilst impostors just want to kill crew members.

S3 Special Force is now available, along with a new end-of-season prize of a skin set! Before matches, choose a position, charge your talents quicker by performing chores, and equip Gimmicks to gain an additional skill. Make a change, turn the tide!

Super Sus was created to be the finest online multiplayer role-playing game that combines Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Game. While playing, crew members must be wary of both impostors and neutrals. These jobs each have their own set of winning criteria and duties. Walking on the precipice of light and darkness, everyone battles for himself – some to kill, some to survive, and some simply to have fun.

Super Sus activity takes place on a spaceship where all players are separated into three groups – fractions. Players must use strategy to draw the proper conclusion to tell others from various groups. We are convinced that the redesigned 3D model will bring you the next level of fun.

You may play Super Sus with people from all around the world. Play the traditional mode or compete against other players in Ranked! Real-time audio conversation with other players! Whether you survive or not, you will make friends from all around the world! Stop imposters from murdering space personnel. You may also share beautiful ideas in the workshop, where you can create your maps and roles!

Join their celebrations with pals from all over the world! Create new worlds in the workshop to share the joy! Save time by not installing Amongchat and Among Us simultaneously with built-in voice chat!

Download Super Sus v1.31.6.032 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Download (140M)

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