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Don Zombie: Guns and Gore brings exciting experiences when entering the battle with different types of zombies. Players will be able to position attacks or identify nearby enemies to deal damage to enemies. In addition, the bosses are always the target that requires players to be careful and fully equipped with weapons. There are a variety of weapons that the player can unlock and upgrade upon reaching a certain number of fragments.

Don Zombie: Guns and Gore


In Don Zombie: Guns and Gore, the player will control the character to go through different dangerous areas. Waiting for him ahead are zombies that can appear in any location, so he must destroy them to go to the following location. At the same time, the game’s control mechanism is also completely accessible when the two buttons to attack and move are joysticks. Accompanying them is a button that uses grenades to deal great damage.

Players will move freely in the 2D environment and quickly locate enemies through easy drag. Also, if you don’t want to always have to locate every attack, you can tap the joystick. Specifically, the character will identify enemies standing near him and, from there, launch appropriate attacks. There are many types of enemies waiting for you ahead, making it difficult for you.

Don Zombie: Guns and Gore


One point that anyone will need to pay attention to in Don Zombie: Guns and Gore is that you will have to face many different types of zombies. Zombies have a completely familiar human form to players, but zombies are still derived from animals that can fly and have a smaller size. At the same time, the bosses with a large amount of health will not cause any difficulty for the player, and you will be able to unlock many different weapons.

The number of weapons in this game is diverse and first appears in the form of cards that you can collect. In addition, the power of these weapons will be increased through upgrades, and the required ingredient is the number of fragments indicated under each card. From there, you will know how many units you need to collect to upgrade successfully and these cards are in chests with different qualities.

Don Zombie: Guns and Gore

The character controlled will travel through many dangerous locations:

  • The locations in this game will completely challenge players when zombies with different shapes constantly appear.
  • Players can easily adjust the attack position by dragging the joystick or touching it to attack nearby targets.
  • Zombies of animal origin will sometimes make it difficult for players, and bosses are always a completely dangerous target.
  • Players will unlock different weapons to help them become stronger and use grenades appropriately in critical situations.
  • Each weapon in this game can be upgraded once the required fragments are collected, and they are usually found in chests.

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