Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Fonts Aa is an application that can give its users unique input tools right on mobile devices. For users of compact mobile devices to enter information and data in letters or numbers, the keyboard will be one of the top solutions chosen. With this application, users will be provided with many different types of keyboards, allowing them to select and customize for themselves a suitable keyboard.

Fonts Aa – Fonts Keyboard, emoji & stylish text Fonts Aa – Fonts Keyboard, emoji & stylish text


To make the text that you want to convey to the reader interesting, the font will play a very important role. Usually, finding fonts that look good and change in daily use is quite difficult for all users. But when you come to Fonts Aa, you will be able to experience the top beautiful fonts like Double-struck, Gothic, Cursive, Italic, Serif, Bubble, Black Box, and many more.


In addition to different fonts, the built-in keyboards of devices can also send unique messages about the icon. The different icons created will help the user send the personal reader expressions through many shapes. Fonts Aa has equipped its users with a large icon store with more than 100 diverse icons and shapes to decorate their text.

Fonts Aa – Fonts Keyboard, emoji & stylish text Fonts Aa – Fonts Keyboard, emoji & stylish text


Not only will the application support users to be able to send other readers beautiful text, but the generated keyboard will also be unique. The application has designed for its users a lot of different keyboard skins so that they can easily choose according to their personal preferences. In addition, an option that is gaining popularity from most users to decorate the keyboard is a striking gradient color.


In an application created to be able to give its users the best experience, various features will be essential. When coming to Fonts Aa, users will not only choose their favorite keyboard types, but they will be able to change them completely. You will be able to set yourself up with various keyboards with different fonts and keyboard shapes and switch between them for different tasks very quickly.

Fonts Aa – Fonts Keyboard, emoji & stylish text Fonts Aa – Fonts Keyboard, emoji & stylish text


  • The application gives its users a variety of customizations to the ability to enter the text from the keyboard through changes.
  • A special system with many different fonts will be provided for users to choose from before entering their text.
  • Many different types of emoticons have been added so that you can decorate and describe more interesting personal messages.
  • A variety of skins will be supported for users to change the keyboard shape according to personal preferences.
  • The keyboard will support many different fonts, skins, or languages, and users will be able to set up and change many different keyboards quickly and easily.

Download Fonts Aa v18.3.2 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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